Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (2023)

Coinbase and are two centralized exchanges designed to provide crypto enthusiasts with a viable investment platform. It is, however, important to note that while both platforms offer different services, there is a significant difference.

Coinbase is ultimately a beginner-friendly platform with an interactive user interface. While has incredible features like Coinbase, it comes up short for beginners.

Starting your crypto journey can be overwhelming, but the Coinbase platform has been optimized to support new and existing users., on the other hand, was designed for crypto investors and offers diverse financial opportunities and rewards for staking their assets.

Coinbase and are two of the top centralized exchanges, with both platforms having several similarities. A fine line, however, separates them, and this guide provides an insight into the features and components of both platforms.

This guide would also equip new and old crypto investors with the information they need to decide which platform best suits their financial journey.

In this guide, we will carefully examine Coinbase and along the lines of security, features, customer support, fees, perks, and tradable assets, among others. We’ll also shed some light on the business model of each platform to guide your decisions.

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Table of Contents
  • Coinbase and Compared
  • Coinbase vs Fees
  • Coinbase vs Features
  • Coinbase Unique Features
  • Unique Features
  • Coinbase vs Supported Currencies
  • Coinbase vs User Experience
  • Coinbase vs Security
  • Coinbase vs Customer Support
  • Our Verdict
  • How do Coinbase and Compare to Other Platforms?
  • FAQs

Coinbase and Compared
💸 Minimum deposit$2$5
🔀 Minimum trade size$1$1
💰 Deposit fee0.6%0-$10
💰 Trading fee0-0.6% (advance trade)0-0.075%
#️⃣ Number of cryptocurrencies250+250+
🔁 Instant purchase?YESYES
📈 Advanced trading?YESYES
📊 Staking service5+ coins21+
✅ KYC required?YESYES
🎧 Customer supportPhone, email, webchatChat, email
👮‍♂️ RegulatorsFinCEN, FCAFinCEN

Coinbase vs Fees
Trading fees0-0.6% (advance trade)0-0.075%
Crypto to crypto conversion fee1% Flat0.00%
Instant buyVariesVaries
Fiat deposits0-$10Free
Fiat withdrawals0-$25Currency specific
Crypto depositsFreeFree
Crypto withdrawalsVaries by coinVaries by coin
Inactivity feeNone$4.95 after 12 months
Payment methodsBank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, SWIFT, Apple Pay, SOFORT/iDEALBank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, SWIFT

Coinbase and have fairly decent fees for the various services they offer. Both platforms offer different advantages depending on the user’s preferred investment plan. The table above shows the fees chargeable based on market conditions, transaction type, transaction size, and payment method.

Trading Fees

Coinbase Advanced Trade and Exchange both employ a maker-taker fee structure, with lower fees for higher 30-day trading volumes. users can also stake CRO (’s native token) to enjoy additional trading fee waivers.

Instant Buy and Conversion Rates

Coinbase and offer users an opportunity to purchase assets instantly. The fees can vary during instant purchases due to several factors, including volume, payment method, asset type, and other market conditions. Coinbase charges a 1% flat fee on Crypto to Crypto conversions., on the other hand, charges lesser fees on Crypto to Crypto conversions — as low as 0.00%.

Inactivity Fee

Coinbase is one of the exchanges that doesn’t charge any fee on inactive or dormant accounts. However, charges a monthly fee after 12 months of inactivity. A $4.95 monthly fee will be charged to a user’s account from the 13th month of inactivity. This fee affects all cardholders until they initiate a financial activity that stops the charges and resets for another 12 months.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Deposit and withdrawal fees vary on both platforms. While Coinbase charges 0-$10 on fiat deposits, operates a zero-fee deposit. The table below gives a proper insight into the fees associated with the deposit and withdrawal of fiat on both platforms.
ACH DepositFreeFree
ACH WithdrawalFreeFree with a minimum of $20
Domestic Wire Transfer Deposit$10Free with a minimum of $1000
Domestic Wire Transfer Withdrawal$25$25
Debit Card Deposit2.99%
Paypal Deposit2.5%2.1%
Transaction limit ACH$25,000 daily$1,000,000 or 30 times per month
Transaction limit Wire$100,000 daily$1,000,000 or 30 times per month
Processing time ACH3-5 days3-5 business days
Processing time Wire2-3 business days1-2 business days

Winner: Overall, is better when it comes to fees and transaction charges. Although both platforms are similar in some transactions, like ACH deposit and domestic wire transfer withdrawal charges, offers a better rate with respect to maker and taker fees per transaction.

Coinbase vs Features
Instant purchases/conversionsYesYes
Recurring buysYesYes
Advanced tradingYesYes (not in US)
OTC tradingYesYes (only institutional and VIPs)
Staking5+ coins40+ coins
WalletCustodial wallet + Defi walletCustodial wallet + Defi wallet
Educational resourcesYesYes
NFT supportYesYes
Crypto debit cardYesYes

Trading tools

Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (3)

Powered by TradingView, Coinbase has tools that can take your analysis to the next level with advanced charting tools. Leverage EMA, MA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, custom drawing tools, and more are all available for users to make informed financial decisions. Overall, there are 104 market indicators to help you make informed financial decisions on Coinbase.

Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (4)’s platform supports the investor more than the trader, and it’s nowhere near Coinbase in terms of trading resources. However, offers more in terms of holding your assets for rewards rather than trading them regularly. also offers some level of advance trading in jurisdictions where the Exchange is available, which includes stop and limit orders, API and trading bots.


Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (5)

Both Coinbase and support staking assets to earn rewards. However, it is important to mention that after a thorough analysis of both, beats Coinbase as the better staking platform. offers staking rewards of up to 14.5% for 21+ coins, while Coinbase allows users to earn staking rewards of up to 5.75% on a few coins, such as Ethereum (ETH), Algorand (ALGO), and Cardano (ADA), among others.


Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (6)

Coinbase and have custodial wallets for users to hold and trade their assets. Both platforms also provide multifactor authentication for enhanced security. Address whitelisting is also an option for users to explore.

In addition to its digital wallet, offers several DeFi services, including a non-custodial DeFi wallet. Coinbase, on the other hand, has a Web3 wallet that gives users access to several Dapps. The exchange also provides insurance against hot wallet theft or crime. For U.S. customers, there’s FDIC insurance for U.S. dollar funds.

Educational Resources

When it comes to resources to help users stay up-to-date with market trends, news, and how-tos, Coinbase sits at the top. The platform’s closest rival in that category is Binance. also boasts some educational resources, but there is a daylight difference regarding what’s obtainable.

From advanced concepts and terminologies to news that affects the market, Coinbase is clearly the favorite.

NFT Support

Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (7)

Coinbase and both support NFT trading. While Coinbase recently launched its NFT market to keep up with blockchain trends,’s NFT marketplace is one of the market’s best. These assets offer a different opportunity to make money on the blockchain.

Coinbase Unique Features

Advanced Trading Tools

One crucial advantage that Coinbase provides is that it allows its users to trade on multiple platforms. The original Coinbase platform enables users to purchase cryptocurrency using U.S. dollars, offering a straightforward interface.

To enhance its classic interface, Coinbase has introduced Advanced Trade, which incorporates some of Coinbase Pro’s functionality and lower costs. These advanced trading tools improve users’ decision-making for better returns.

Instant Withdrawals

Users on Coinbase can withdraw crypto instantly after purchasing it with fiat. While most platforms wait for the transaction to clear, Coinbase offers a quicker processing time. This feature provides a significant advantage, especially for users who prefer moving their assets to decentralized exchanges and cold storage units.

Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (8)

Learn to Earn

Coinbase blazed a trail by providing a unique earning opportunity to blockchain users. Learning materials such as videos are available, and simply watching them can earn users rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. A short quiz may be required to ascertain the eligibility of the user to claim these rewards.

Web3 Integration

The Coinbase Web3 feature allows users to access Dapps through the platform. 1inch, Galaxy, Uniswap, OpenSea, and Paraswap, to name a few, are Dapp options available on Coinbase. Builders also have an opportunity to feature their Dapps on the platform, exposing their projects to millions of customers. Unique Features


Both platforms offer staking opportunities, but their rewards vary. The high percentage of staking rewards available on is one of the market’s best. The platform pays users up to 14.5% per annum in interest, which is nearly three times what users can get on Coinbase, which offers 5.75%. Regarding staking, is one of the market’s best exchanges and it also rewards users who stake their native token (CRO).

While the coins available for staking on Coinbase are limited, has over 40+ tokens for staking.

Trading Discounts was specifically designed for those looking for an affordable one-stop cryptocurrency shop. The platform offers a trading discount for users who stake its native token. If you’ve staked 5,000 CRO or more and pay in CRO on the exchange, you are automatically qualified for a 10% trading discount. That means 0.36% is the maximum amount to pay for trading.


Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (9) offers a prepaid Visa card similar to a rewards debit card. The Visa card allows users to spend their crypto holdings easily. offers five prepaid Visa Cards that can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. Users only need to top up these cards to use them. The top-of-the-range Obsidian card earns users a 5% cash back on their card purchases, while the Ruby Steel card also earns holders a 1% cash back.

Winner: Coinbase and have unique features that make their duel too close to call. While one platform provides you with resources and advanced trading tools, another offers users numerous rewards.

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Coinbase vs Supported Currencies
Fiat currenciesUSD, GBP, EURGBP, USD, EURO, CAD +16
Trading pairs500+500+

When it comes to available options in terms of assets to trade, both Coinbase and offers variety to users. provides access to all the top 10 coins based on their market cap. On the other hand, Coinbase provides access to all the top coins except Binance’s native tokens.

With over 500 trading pains, both exchanges make it easy for users to trade their assets in their desired pairs. It gives investors room to compare and determine which asset pair suits their financial resolve. Both Coinbase and also offer crypto-crypto as well as crypto-fiat pairs.

When it comes to finding newer coins, may be your best bet. Coinbase is a top centralized exchange, and unless an asset has enjoyed a considerable level of mass adoption, among other requirements, it may not be listed on Coinbase.

Winner: With over 250 cryptocurrencies and 500 trading pairs offered by both Coinbase and, there’s almost nothing to separate them in this regard

Coinbase vs User Experience

Although both Coinbase and measure up to each other in several features, the user experience is quite different. The onboarding process on Coinbase is extremely easy, and the user interface is very friendly. Investors can sign up and initiate a transaction immediately.

Both platforms have a mobile app, but Coinbase is easier to navigate. provides several services that may become overwhelming for beginners.

Overall, Coinbase guarantees a better customer support as the platform also has educational resources for users. There are videos, articles, and guides to acquaint users with the required crypto knowledge. users do not have these resources at their disposal.

A major concern for users is the constant app updates that require users to sign in from scratch.

Mobile apps

Coinbase vs Which Crypto Exchange Is Best? (12)

Coinbase and have mobile apps that ensure asset management on mobile devices from anywhere in the world. Although Coinbase is beginner friendly, both platforms’ mobile app grants users unlimited access to their services.

They also both require a KYC process that must be fulfilled and it is worth mentioning that has a stricter KYC process. The Coinbase app, however, offers more in terms of charting tools, trading APIs, and additional order types.

Winner: While both Coinbase and have a fairly decent rating on the app store, Coinbase boasts a better overall user experience. The beginner friendliness, less rigorous KYC process, and multi-optional customer support make Coinbase a clear winner.

Coinbase vs Security
Cold storageFor majority of cryptoFor majority of crypto
Data encryptionYesYes
Address whitelistingYesYes
Vault protectionYesYes
Crypto insuranceYesYes
KYC requiredYesYes
RegulationFinCEN, FCAFCA

Account protection

In terms of wallet security, Coinbase and both have proper measures in place to secure their users’ assets. Both platforms offer secure digital wallets with multi-factor authentication and address whitelisting.

Whitelisting is required on the wallet but optional on Coinbase. The wallet encrypts private keys locally on the user’s device. With Coinbase, the trading account doesn’t allow private key management, but the stand-alone wallet enables users to manage and store them on their devices.

Asset protection

Coinbase and adhere strictly to KYC provisions and have their funds insured with the FDIC. However, Both platforms have suffered significant security breaches in the past. Coinbase fell prey to a hack in 2021, an attack that affected over 6000 users.

On the other hand, was hacked in 2022, with assets worth $35 million stolen. In response to the hack, announced a Worldwide Account Protection Programme (WAPP) with a promise to refund up to $250,000 to users who qualify.


Coinbase has recently had a run-in with the SEC. The regulatory body served Coinbase with the “Wells Notice” regarding some undefined portion of its digital assets and staking services which include Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Earn, and Coinbase Wallet.

Winner: Users can count on the security measures on both Coinbase and Their multi-factor authentication, insurance, and KYC regulations are among the best that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have to offer.

Coinbase vs Customer Support
Help centerYesYes
Web chatYesYes
Support ticketYesYes

Just like traditional financial institutions, crypto exchanges still need to pass the test of providing excellent support to customers. From long waiting queues to slow response times, both Coinbase and are not immune to the woes of customer support.

However, both platforms are continuously paying attention to placing helpful resources in their help centers to limit the need for human interaction. The email and chat options are also available to users as well. The help centers on both platforms have common queries and solutions to provide quicker support to users.

Winner: Coinbase and are similar in terms of customer support, as both platforms offer identical services. However, Coinbase edges by introducing the phone option. This method resolves complaints faster as users can speak to customer agents and get real-time responses.

Our Verdict

A careful comparison of both platforms reveals that Coinbase and are top centralized exchanges that suit different types of crypto investors. While choices on which platform to choose may depend on your financial strategy, Coinbase emerges as the winner.

Although is still cheaper in terms of overall trading fees, Coinbase has the tools sophisticated investors need. Coinbase has also rolled out a newer option called Coinbase One, which offers no-fee trades and other benefits in exchange for a monthly fee of about $30.

The beginner friendliness of Coinbase also puts it ahead of the competition. While both platforms are KYC compliant, Coinbase allows users to initiate a certain level of transactions after signing up without KYC. The localized phone support innovation by Coinbase also puts it ahead and not even Binance has been able to match this.

Who is Coinbase best for?

Coinbase is more suitable for the following users

  • Newbies

  • Experienced traders

  • Web3 enthusiasts

  • Users who need urgent cash

Who is best for? is more suitable for the following users

  • Long term traders

  • NFT traders

  • Low-fee option traders

  • Crypto Farmers

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How do Coinbase and Compare to Other Platforms?

Coinbase and are among the best centralized exchanges. However, there are other platforms in this same category as these two. Let’s see how they compare with their closest rivals.

Coinbase vs vs Binance

Coinbase vs vs Kraken

Coinbase vs vs Gemini

Coinbase vs vs eToro

Coinbase vs vs Bitstamp


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